When you register your Nalu ukulele, you've taken the first step to ensuring years of happy playing.

First, registering your uke begins your Warranty coverage.

Next, when we receive your registration, we'll consider that your Nalu anniversary. Every year, to commemorate that date, we'll send you a new set of strings. Just because we love that you bought a Nalu.

Finally, registering with us means that you've become a member of our Ohana, or family. And we share constantly with our Ohana - uke charts, care hints, news of Nalu events around the country and more.

Please note that if you're not the first owner of your Nalu ukulele, that's OK. We're thrilled you have the impeccable taste to own a Nalu ukulele. If you've taken possession of a previously-owned Nalu, you can use this form to re-register it to you. We can't extend the Warranty, but we can include you in our anniversary string giveaway and keep you up-to-date on everything Nalu.

Thanks for registering...and welcome to the Nalu Ohana.


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