Ohana Means Family

Nalu understands the importance of Ohana. We live it daily. Our families, friends and communities are deeply woven into who we are and everything we do. Since we're a new company, one of the things we get to do is make whatever rules we want for the way we run things. Our first rule was simple: Make our customers part of our Ohana. What does that mean for you? It means that we will:

  • Fulfill your needs before ours - this one is simple for us. We want you to love your Nalu ukulele and we will do everything we can to make that happen. It's why we offer our 100% purchase guarantee and why we send you strings on your Nalu birthday. If you ever need something from us, just call. We'll do everything we can to make being in our Ohana mean something to you.
  • Constantly innovate - we will continue to look for new ways to improve on the ukuleles we've already built and build new ones that exceed our obsessively high demands. We will never be satisfied until we know that you are.
  • Deliver genuine value - when we began, there was little choice for ukulele players. There were inexpensive, 100% factory-built ukuleles and custom, handmade ukuleles. Nothing in between. Unfortunately, that's still the general state of the industry. That's when we began our R&D process and building prototypes. And more prototypes. And even more. We even had one factory refuse to build our ukuleles because we were "too picky." Eventually, we found a partner who lets us (1) source higher-grade woods and components and (2) build our ukes using an exclusive process that combines technology-based manufacturing (CNC saws, routers and lathes) & hand-crafted assembly and finishing. This allows us to build ukuleles that sound fantastic, are beautiful to look at and last a lifetime. It also allows you to own a superior quality instrument without having to have one custom made.
  • Stay in touch - we have a blog, a Facebook page, and we're on Twitter. We also hope to (finally) launch a monthly email newsletter (don't forget to sign-up). We will always try to send unique content to each of these channels so that you can follow us how and where you want.