Nalu Ukulele Club Program

Over the past few years, equal to the meteoric rise in popularity of the ukulele itself, Ukulele Groups have sprung up all over the country. In small towns and big cities alike, beginning players have found a patient place to learn while more advanced players have discovered similar folks who collect, play and love the instrument as much as they do. These communities are bringing people together, nurturing new friendships and putting ukuleles in the hands of folks who, more than anything else, just love to play their ukes.

At Nalu Ukulele, we want to do more to help these groups put more ukuleles in the hands of more players.

Here’s how our Uke Group Program works. Groups can choose between two designations:

  • Group Retailer
    in this arrangement, Uke Groups are set up as Retailer/Dealers. As such, they will be able to purchase Nalu ukuleles at a significant discount and pass the savings on to their membership. This represents an opportunity for Uke Groups to raise oft-needed funds for their organization while still passing along significant saving to their members.


  • Nalu Club
    Under this arrangement, each Nalu Club will receive a unique promotional code to give to its members. This promotional code will allow members to make purchases via the Nalu Ukulele website at a discount. In addition, the club will receive a monetary credit up to 10% of every ukulele & case sale made using your promotional code. These credits can be redeemed for the purchase of Nalu merchandise. Purchases must be made by cont
    acting Nalu Ukulele directly. These credits are designed to let Uke Groups purchase ukuleles to auction off at fundraisers or acquire for use at meetings.

To participate in either of our Uke Group programs, you need to provide proof you’re a legitimate group. This could be a:

  • Website address
  • Letter from your venue host or sponsor
  • Promotional flyer
  • Video of a meeting or performance.

As a participating group, Nalu requires that you:

  • Feature our logo:
    • on your Website
    • at meetings
  • Send us videos and pictures regularly showing Nalu ukuleles being played.

You can sign up now, using the form, and someone from Nalu will be in touch. If you have any questions, please email us at

Thank you for all you do to promote the ukulele and for making more ukulele players!

NOTE: if there is a registered Nalu Dealer in your area, becoming a "Nalu Club" is the only option available to you.

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