Caring for Your Nalu Ukulele


Nothing affects the health of your uke more than humidity. Ukuleles are made of wood and wood absorbs or loses moisture, depending on the environment it's kept in. If the wood becomes dry, it will crack. If it's too moist, it will swell, crack or shrink. The easiest way to maintain a proper humidity level is to purchase a humidifier for your instrument. There are several nice ones out there. Which type of humidifier you buy will be personal preference. You can also purchase a digital hygrometer to determine your humidity level. However, if you're diligent about using your humidifier, you may not need to go to this expense.

To determine if your uke is too dry or moist, you can take a couple of very simple steps: first, how is it holding a tuning? If your uke doesn’t stay in tune all the time, it’s usually due to humidity causing the neck to swell or shrink. Next, when you clean your uke, make sure to visually inspect it for any swelling or cracks. If your ukulele shows any signs of swelling, shrinking, or cracking, immediately take it to a local repair shop or luthier. The sooner you get it looked at the better.

Regular care

Please clean your Nalu ukulele regularly. When you play, the skin from your arm and your fingertips produces a variety of chemicals and oils that remain on your uke long after you’ve finished playing. A simple cleaning will remove the majority of these and protect your instrument. You should use a clean cotton cloth or micro-fiber cloth to wipe down the body, neck and fretboard. We recommend Music Nomad products for your Nalu ukulele.

Change the strings

You should change out your strings every 6-12 months. Each individual string will wear at a different rate and eventually affect the overall tone and sound of your ukulele. Change all of the strings when you change them out.

Register with Nalu Ukulele

One of the best things you can do to take care of your Nalu ukulele is to register it with us. Whether you’re the original owner or not, we want you to be a part of our Ohana, our family. When you register with Nalu, you’ll be informed of everything that's going on at the company, any Nalu touring musicians in your area, and various tips for getting the most out of your uke. Plus, every year on your Nalu "anniversary," we'll send you a free set of strings. Pretty great, huh? You can register your Nalu Ukulele here.